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Bespoke Villa

A Bespoke Villa designed just for you.

Building your dream villa in our region can be an easy and enjoyable experience. Working with the ‘right team’ we make it as simple as explaining your vision, deciding on the correct location and plot, and selecting the architectural design, interior layout, specifications and personal features of your new villa.

We also source bespoke materials should you require them and decorative and new design elements that are not standardised, off-the-shelf’ options but add value and personality to your home without necessarily being more costly.

Example bespoke villa designs


Group Uno is an innovator in using advanced construction methods in the current building climate, and we provide on-going progress updates from build start to completion – offering a hassle-free turnkey service right down to interior decoration and landscaping.

Example bespoke villa designs

The Group Uno team have years of experience on hand – with employed architects and building engineers offering a complete turnkey service.

Please contact Juan Carlos or Conrad Bedford for further details about this service.

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