Property figures improving the upturn in property for CBS

News from early December taken from the current information released by the councillor for urban planning in Torrevieja, Snr. Paca Moreno, more than 3,000 properties have been sold in the area this year (2012), and the city is blazing a trail again in property sales.

Paco Moreno (Urban Planning Officer)

The councillor remarked that up until the 30th of November, the city center had actually 293 applications for permits to develop new properties / houses, whereas in 2011, there were just a total of 85, representing an increase of nearly 245%.

These figures / permits give boost to the area and create a positive flow to the developers and agents in the towns … Acknowledging the turnaround in the property market for the southern Costa Blanca (Orihuela Costa Zones) — this unexpected news is to be used as a benchmark for indicating overall growth within the “productive fabric of the country” – Paca comments …

These figures are just representing the licenses to construct full houses — they do not consist of the hundreds of applications for small and major improvements to existing dwellings / houses, which this week stands at some 792 in total, 127 of which are for more larger significant projects.

A substantial boost in applications for 2nd Occupancy licenses also has been noted, which, in its most rudimentary form is the license required to allow a purchaser of a resale house to buy / purchase… Which there have been 2,565 applications. Add that figure to that of First Occupancy licenses, the license needed when a new home is deemed inhabitable, and the total permits for occupancy reaches 3,062.

Increase in Company formations … licensing applications for brand-new companies have additionally raised significantly, due to a change in the legal demands which would oblige this type of application to be made, so although the figures are really high, they are somewhat higher than comparative years because of that as well as the development of business start-ups.

The councillor likewise urged the relevance of “registering” and “asking for licenses” to initiate work on building and reforms to properties through the city centre town hall, which is the only means of guaranteeing the legality of changes to your newly constructed home.

Noting that in previous years “there had been an increase in unlicensed works”, or works that had been “accepted at a neighborhood or neighborhood level” — however was not authorised with the town hall, and might cause considerable problems for property owner in the future, specifically as licensing problems are tightened up across the entire spectrum of implementation.

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